Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Jac Liner: Unsafe and Insincere?

I suppose that by now I should be used to the overall substandard quality of customer service that businesses in the Philippines provide. Still  it's really irritating when companies and government offices as well give the impression of concern  for consumer satisfaction by furnishing  a page in their website for receiving complaints but then ignore the comments or correspondence placed therein. Such were two experiences that I had with the bus company Jac Liner Inc.

In order to register one complaint (regarding lack of rest stops on a particular route)  I completed their "Contact Us" page but received no response. So in the matter of my second problem, which involved personal safety, this time I sent a letter via email attachment directly  to the Customer Service Manager. Here's what generated this correspondence: A few weeks ago, when I boarded a Jac Liner bus in Lucena City, Quezon, I arranged with both the driver and the conductor to let me off at the SM Megamall stop in Mandaulyong City, Metro-Mla. Instead  with no warning the driver passed up that location and dropped me further upon Edsa into the middle of the busy intersection with Ortigas that had no access to the curb, and it was only with great difficulty that I extricated myself out of that hazardous situation.

When I didn't get a reply to my letter, I then followed up by contacting a government regulatory agency that oversees the operations of public transportation companies, the LTFRB,  via their website contact page and (not surprisingly)  did not get a response.

In my letter to Jac Liner, I gave notice that if they chose to ignore my concern that I would take the matter public. So if nothing else, I hope that this post will alert those who utilize this transportation company's services or are otherwise  interested about this company's  apparent negligence and indifference to passenger safety.

In short there's no excuse for  such companies to disregard the concerns of the very public who after all keep them in business in the first place.