Saturday, September 19, 2009

Please Mr. Postman Part 2

The problem regarding delayed mail especially from the U.S. that I discussed in my post "Please Mr. Postman" has become worse. A mail retrieval claim notice that according to the date stamp was over a month old was just delivered to me a few days ago.

So when I went to the branch to pick up the item (which by the way really should have been delivered instead of my having to shlep there to retrieve it and having to pay a P35 fee in the process), I decided that enough is enough and decided to complain directly to the branch postmaster. So after picking up the item I proceeded to his office. He was courteous, took down the information, and promised to look in to the matter.

My taking this step may not seem like a big deal, but it was risky because it's not unusual for administrators and bureaucrats here to become vindictive and spiteful when confronted with service or efficiency complaints, or they may request a bribe to resolve the issue. Such was not the case in this instance. The Postmaster's assistant even gave me his email address and phone number for future inquiries.

Moreover, I'm not the confrontational type. On the other hand, I felt that there was no choice in the matter and that by protesting politely and calmly, I didn't have much to lose and that there's a chance that the problem would be corrected. Yet there was also the possibility of aggravating the situation and facing even longer delivery delays due to my making waves.

So now the ball is in Philpost's court. In this culture of public service indifference, it will be interesting to see how the matter plays out.

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