Friday, June 17, 2016


My wife Lydia recently had some matters to take care of at the Bureau of Immigration, but she arrived  early and the office was still closed. So she went to a nearby Starbucks to kill time and have a refreshment until the the doors opened.  This got me to thinking: What if Starbucks operated like the BI or for that matter like most government offices in the Philippines that serve the public. I suppose the procedure for,  say, getting a cup of coffee would go something like this:

Upon entering Starbucks, proceed to Window 1. Submit  two pieces of identification plus two  1x1 photos, and request Application Form SBA in duplicate.

Complete the original SBA and file it at  Window 6.

Present  the completed SBA duplicate copy at Window 4 and request order form SBO in triplicate. If you want cream and sugar, complete Form SBCS and attach it to the SBO.

Present the completed SBO forms A,B, and C to the Cashier and pay the required amount along with a P50  Express Lane fee. Retain the duplicate copies along with your payment receipt.

Present your SBO duplicate copies B and C and your payment receipt at Window 3 for approval and  validation of your order.

To complete your purchase return to Window 4 and submit your validated SBO duplicate copy B.  Retain Copy C.

Allow 7 working days for preparation and completion of your purchase.

To receive your order, present SBO Copy C plus two forms of identification at Window 2. Your purchase will then be released.

Now wouldn't it be great instead if  Government offices were run like Starbucks? To this  end here's what President-Elect had this to say as per an article  'No Queues Please'' in the Malaya Business Insight: ''I hate seeing people queueing (sic). My proposal is that clearances and business permits will be processed within 72 hours''.  If he can institute these kinds of reform when  he takes office, imagine walking up to the counter (no more windows) of a government agency and hearing the clerk  say "Good morning, may I take your order?''

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